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The matching of jewellery can be the finishing touch that makes your outfit stand out — here’s how you should do it.

Traditional South-Asian wedding jewellery is unique in its artistry and beauty. The glitters and shimmers complete the outfit, and the embellishments of heavy stones, sequins and pearls adds to its richness and luxury as a work of bridal jewellery. It is particularly important for the brides on their big day, so much so that they spend as much time finding the right bridal jewellery as they do in looking for their wedding dress. In many weddings, it is also passed down as heirlooms across generations; such is the value of it.

Once the wedding is over, the bridal jewellery often goes into storage, and it hardly ever comes out unless there is a wedding event or something similar. Women don’t use this jewellery elsewhere, not because they don’t want to, but because they are not sure how to. Here, we will tell you the different ways you can match South-Asian wedding jewellery with all kinds of outfits. Whether you are attending a cocktail party, an office party, a semi-formal event with friends, or even if you are looking to dress trendy for the day, you can put your bridal jewellery collection to good use.




Ways to Match Jewellery with your Outfit

There is often a feeling of wonder about how some people look fabulous in a simple outfit coupled with some added bling while other people look uncoordinated and dreadful doing the same. It’s not that big of a mystery; it all depends on how well you know the basic rules of fashion, matching and coordination to outfits. It’s not always an easy job. The fact that women, on average, spend 90 minutes a week in their closets choosing what to wear pretty much says it all. But, once you know how to do it, your life becomes a lot easier.





If appropriately matched, your bridal jewellery piece can be a statement on its own. But, since there are wide-ranging choices of accessories these days — a blessing and a curse — you may find yourself unsure and overwhelmed about how to proceed. You may end up picking the wrong colours or designs, which could ruin your entire look. At the same time, though, if you do it right, you can make the most of the choices, pair the right accessories with the right outfit, and make yourself the centre of attention.

We will go through different ways to pair up your Asian wedding jewellery collection with basic outfits for occasions other than just weddings.


The Working Women

If you have a desk job and sit in front of a computer for long hours, you will need attire for the role with the usual pants suit or dress, but if you know your style and improvise a little, you can accommodate jewellery as well. Bracelets or traditional kangans are not the way to go, but you can certainly pair up a fair bit of your Asian wedding earrings with pulled up hair. Pairing up accessories with formal work attire will accentuate your facial features and make you look classy, all the while putting to use the bridal jewellery you’ve kept wrapped up in storage.

If you are looking to get yourself some quality Asian wedding accessories that match your formal work attire, look no further; Atiya Choudhury is your one-stop shop for all your needs in South-Asian fashion.


Traditional Jewellery with Traditional Outfits

You might be tempted to bring out your bridal accessory collection when attending a wedding event somewhere, but you need to be careful and not use it indiscriminately. You need to know which statement pieces go best with which type of dresses.

A saree is a quintessentially South-Asian garment that is quite versatile in its use and comes in many different forms, from the most purely traditional to Indo Western styles. Like many women, you may want to wear a saree to an event, but for it to truly blossom and elevate your look, you need to choose the right Asian wedding jewellery piece to go with it. If your saree is simple or monotone, you can add a heavy statement necklace, earrings and even a colour-coordinated bracelet with the colour of your saree. The minimalistic look you get with this type of saree makes you look all the more elegant when paired with heavy bridal jewellery.

It is essential to keep an eye on how the colours of the dress and your accessories complement each other. Striking a balance between cool and warm colours is what accessorising is all about, and when done right, your jewellery and outfits exemplify the sublime attraction of opposites. If your saree is already embellished, go for earrings to help bring out your facial beauty.




The Right picks for your Western Outfits

Asian wedding jewellery is the best way to amp up your style game, especially with western outfits that offer an excellent foil for experimenting. When paired correctly, almost all types of accessories can go with modern western or indo-western outfits. Pay close attention to the outfit’s neckline, see how it is hemmed, and choose your jewellery pieces accordingly.

It’s always nice to colour coordinate your outfits and jewellery, so look for contrasts. For example, on dresses with pastel, neutral, or monotone shades, most jewellery pieces will look good. But, if your outfit is heavily embellished, it is better not to add any further heavily embellished necklaces. Instead, just some earrings and a bracelet should be enough to top up your look.





Pairing traditional Asian wedding jewellery with western outfits has been a popular fashion trend lately. The most favoured choice in western attire for such pairing is a sleek black dress — a must-have for every woman. A black dress offers a lot to work with; you can have fun drawing upon your creativity and pairing some traditional glamourous jewellery. You can also add any coloured heavy embellished necklace to make yourself look more striking.


Basics for Everyday

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can use Asian wedding jewellery with many of your casual and semi-casual western outfits. For instance, if you are going out for a semi-casual dinner wearing a lovely dress, you can always put on traditional bangles for a bit of bling. On the other hand, if you are going for casual pants or jeans, look for a statement necklace or choker. You can also bring together a heavy-duty statement necklace with an off-shoulder evening gown or a maxi dress.

Another accessory that doesn’t have to always stay in your drawers are your anklets. Try a long side slit dress or pants with a top and wear anklets with them, coupled with a nice pair of wedges. Mixing traditional Asian wedding jewellery with western dresses is a fun way of fusing the two styles for a modern look that pays homage to your culture and heritage.




Atiya Choudhury’s Luxurious Jewellery Collection

From intricate patterns to eye-catching colours, South Asia is a region rich in fashion. Atiya Choudhury — a popular Birmingham based brand — brings this very beauty and luxury to its customers in the most authentic of ways. The Jewellery at Atiya Choudhury is more than just a fashion piece; it is an entire experience that amplifies the personality and individuality of the person wearing it. The brand maintains the artistic detail and the overall aura of South-Asian fashion and makes it available to consumers in the UK and elsewhere. Head on to our website and get shopping!

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