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Advice to your 16 year old self

So yesterday I posted on Snapchat and Instagram asking my social media family what advice would they give to their 16-year old selves? I’ve posted some of them on my story so check them out loves (Instagram @atiya_choudhury), there were some really good advice! So I thought I would also add my thoughts! Of course […]

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The Power of Weekly Goals – Part 1

We all have goals no matter how big or small they are but are you actually working towards yours? Are you going to the gym like you planned? Or reading that book you’ve had sitting on your shelf forever? Or even eating clean like you promised yourself at the start of this year? Are you […]

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25 Life Lessons before You Hit 25

Hey loves, so last night it hit me that I’ll be turning 25 real soon! It has been an eventful 25 years, full of so many ups and downs but nevertheless I appreciate all my bad experiences as blessings as they’ve taught me what kind of person I am and what kind of person I aspire […]

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2017 has easily been the biggest learning curve of my life! It started of awful but from all the problems and stress I’ve learnt to love myself completely and Read more

Why Fridays and Mondays are nothing but days

I always see those ‘Thank god it’s Friday’ and ‘Oh no it’s Monday’ comments. I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel that way. Maybe because from the age of 18 Sundays consisted of tutoring the whole day. Those were the long days, the days without a car, the days I would walk to […]

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Marriage thoughts

We always want the best of the best, which is great, why should we settle for less? Whether it may be a degree, a job, a business or even a spouse.

Nowadays I see this trend when it comes to marriage, the crave to Read more

My Vision

When did we become our own biggest enemy. We confine ourselves within these walls in our mind that we have only built ourselves. Narrowing our mindset and abilities, not allowing us to grow to much more than we can ever become or achieve. It makes sense because we only learn from what we observe and […]

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4am thoughts

Honestly speaking I wasn’t into academia from a young age, it is something that developed with time, maybe a lot later than the average individual. But what I have realised is that everything is attainable if you have the right mindset.  Coming from a background where you’re the first in your generation to go into […]

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Battling Negative Energy


Negative energy is something we all deal with in our lives. Sometimes it’s from strangers, people we know and unfortunately sometimes even from friends and family members. Read more

Don’t Be Motivated, Be Disciplined

So I was just going through my snapchat yesterday as you do and I came across my brother’s snapstory and I must say I was quite inspired. Read more

5 Ways To Be More Efficient And Productive

Managing time is something we all struggle with. I feel like there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything. So here are a few tips from my own experience to be productive and efficient Read more

The Beauty of Knowledge

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