Smoothie Bowl

Recently I’ve been loving enjoying different types of breakfasts, especially if it consists of something healthy and yummy! Today morning I wanted to try a smoothie bowl. I’ve seen them plastered all over Instagram plus I had all the necessary ingredients lying around at home already so why not? 🙂 The ingredients are very similar […]

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Breakfast Smoothies

I am currently such a smoothie lover and my favorite has got to be breakfast smoothies! For a while now I’ve tried to incorporate oats into my breakfast in the form of Read more

Health First!

This year has been really tough for me in terms of my health, I’m constantly falling ill and feeling fatigue regardless of how much I sleep. Which is really frustrating when you’re trying to get so much done and your health just puts your mood off or Read more

Dinner Parties – Semi-healthy recipes!

So I’m currently at work and forgot my laptop 😫 so decided to just blog on my phone… Read more

Today’s Lunch

Hey loves,

I haven’t done a food post in a while so I thought why not today? Today’s recipe is very quick and easy PLUS it’s healthy 🙂 Oh and let’s not forget delicious, well at least I think so anyway lol Read more

Healthy Eating and Gym

Hey lovely people! How are you all?

Just thought I’d do another post about healthy eating and gym to give you all an update. So I planned to go to the gym at 9am but I overslept Read more

Back at the gym :)

Hey guys,

So I’ve gained weight 🙁 and a lot of it. It’s more worrying and frustrating when your clothes, especially your FAVOURITE clothes don’t fit like they used to! Read more


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