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Advice to your 16 year old self

So yesterday I posted on Snapchat and Instagram asking my social media family what advice would they give to their 16-year old selves? I’ve posted some of them on my story so check them out loves (Instagram @atiya_choudhury), there were some really good advice! So I thought I would also add my thoughts! Of course […]

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Loungewear Haul

Winter is definitely my favourite time of the year, that cosy vibe, snuggling up with a hot drink and a christmas movie. Oooo and let’s not forget eating delicious food with the family. What are your favourite christmas movies? I’d love to know! For this time of the year it’s a must for me to […]

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The Power of Weekly Goals – Part 1

We all have goals no matter how big or small they are but are you actually working towards yours? Are you going to the gym like you planned? Or reading that book you’ve had sitting on your shelf forever? Or even eating clean like you promised yourself at the start of this year? Are you […]

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25 Life Lessons before You Hit 25

Hey loves, so last night it hit me that I’ll be turning 25 real soon! It has been an eventful 25 years, full of so many ups and downs but nevertheless I appreciate all my bad experiences as blessings as they’ve taught me what kind of person I am and what kind of person I aspire […]

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Smoothie Bowl

Recently I’ve been loving enjoying different types of breakfasts, especially if it consists of something healthy and yummy! Today morning I wanted to try a smoothie bowl. I’ve seen them plastered all over Instagram plus I had all the necessary ingredients lying around at home already so why not? 🙂 The ingredients are very similar […]

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Rose Gold/Copper Room Decor

It hasn’t been long since I last decorated my room and I’m already bored of it. I wanted to add something or make a few changes but not sure how. What I did notice is that my vanity table would clutter a lot! I would end up putting my macbook, tea mug, books etc. on […]

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Mughli Market – Selfridges (Bull Ring)

Being Bangladeshi means I rarely ever crave to go out for an Indian meal. It’s so easily available; either at home or Read more

Giraffe – Grand Central (Birmingham)

I would describe myself as one of those people who loves trying different cuisines but when I’m really Read more

Health First!

This year has been really tough for me in terms of my health, I’m constantly falling ill and feeling fatigue regardless of how much I sleep. Which is really frustrating when you’re trying to get so much done and your health just puts your mood off or Read more

Dinner Parties – Semi-healthy recipes!

So I’m currently at work and forgot my laptop 😫 so decided to just blog on my phone… Read more

Every Girl’s Favourite Place

Hey Loves!

How are you all? I’m currently at work…and it’s pretty dead lol so I thought I’d blog. Recently I’ve been receiving a load of compliments on my Instagram and Snapchat about Read more

I’m Back! Life Update :)

Hello beautiful people!

So I haven’t blogged in sooooo LONG! So sorry! I went from blogging everyday to not blogging for over a month, from one end of the spectrum to the other eh lol this post is just a quick little update (if you’re interested in my life…..I totally understand if you’re not lol)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.59.00.png

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Family Time

As we get older we just get more and more busy. It may be because of our studies, work, Read more

Winter Fashion

Hey loves,

How are you all? Hope you all had a lovely and productive Monday. I certainly did. Me and my Read more

OOTN (Desi Style) and Zack Knight!

So I’m not the kinda girl who is crazily obsessed with celebrities (except Salman Khan and Jay Sean :/ )anyways…. back to my point… lol but my current favourite singer right now is ZACK KNIGHT! I literally love Read more

Tru Burger

So today I ate like a total fatty, just having one those days where you Read more


Hey loves,

Well today has been such a busy but lovely day! Today is my parent’s 26th Anniversary! and tomorrow is my brother’s 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Bhaiya!  Read more


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