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Saree is the hallmark of South-Asian culture — wear it in these seven ways to look your best.

Saree is one of the most worn attire by women in South-Asia. Be it wearing it every day or on special occasions; it brings together people of different ethnicities, cultures, and traditions. The richness of a Saree lies in its utility and the ways it can be styled. A saree, usually 3.5 to 9 yards long, can be worn in several ways that bring out its beauty and versatility and reflect its importance in South-Asian culture. Available in different designs, embellishments, colours and materials, an Indian saree is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

Traditional Indian Sarees are usually worn with a blouse for the upper part of the body and a petticoat for the lower part, which goes under the pallu to keep the pleats of the traditional saree intact and in place.

Sarees have risen in demand all across the world and have greatly advanced fashion far and wide. If you are into Sarees, you don’t need to be living in South-Asia or be connected to the place to flaunt a traditional Indian saree.


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Draping an Indian Wedding Saree

How you drape an Indian Saree varies from region to region; it is different in the east and the west, but rest assured that the richness is the same. While there are many kinds of sarees, there are even more ways to wear each one. A few of them are Banarasi Sarees, Cotton Handlooms, Silk Sarees, Embroidered Sarees etc. Each with its distinct majestic appeal and the ability to make you look stunning.

Over the last one hundred years, the way women drape a saree has changed immensely. We will discuss seven ways you can style your saree and be ready for any occasion.

Indian Saree Dressing Styles with a Belt

Styling your saree with a belt makes it easy for you to carry and gives your outfit a very chic and modern look overall. When using a belt, you drape your saree the usual way and add a strap or belt that clinches your pallu at the waist. Depending on the occasion, you can put different kinds of belts to use. For a wedding, you can add a traditional kamarbhandh with intricate artisan work. You can use any of your western belts that may compliment your saree for a casual day out. You can even use a studded jewelled belt, and for more casual events, you can style your saree with a leather belt. Pair it up with a statement blouse, like an off-shoulder or cropped blouse, to add a zing to your look.



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Wear an Indian Saree Neck Drape Style

Go classic with your saree’s pallu tied up as a scarf or around your neck. All you need to do is skip setting the pleats and keep it simple from the bottom. Drape the pallu around your neck at the end for a 90’s touch to your saree look. If you’re in the mood to try and experiment with new styles, this ethnic draping style is an ideal choice. You can also keep it casual yet trendy by pleating out the pallu and then wrapping it around your neck from behind rather than over your shoulder and make it look like a stunning scarf.


Go Easy with an Indian Pant Style Saree

Sarees with pants are taking the fashion industry by storm. A popular, easy to wear, comfortable and functional style is a pant saree. Pant sarees are an Indo-western mixture of the traditional Indian saree. This saree looks super trendy and adds plenty of glamour to your look. The draping style of this saree might just be the look for the next wedding you have to attend, a formal get together, or a casual hangout with friends. It is a comfortable and easy option for those who usually wear jeans and find sarees difficult to manage. This new style of wearing a saree on jeans, pants or palazzos will help you combine the new and the old in a striking way. It’s a new trend on the fashion highway, of which no one can get enough.





Wear a Saree like an Indo-Western Outfit: Dhoti Style Draping

Dhoti pants have become all the rage this summer season, and what’s more, you can drape your Indian saree over dhoti pants as well. This way of styling your saree is very feminine, and you will radiate an aura of luxury and high fashion. Typically, this style is reserved for significant formal events, but there is no reason you can’t rock a dhoti style saree drape on a casual day. The Dhoti drape looks cool and sassy, and it keeps you comfortable all day long. So get yourself a dhoti style saree and say goodbye to the fear of toppling over. They are perfect for every season and look stunning when paired with winter blazers and jackets for a diverse look.


Drape your Indian Saree Mumtaaz Style

The Mumtaaz style gained traction because of the charming Bollywood diva of yesteryear — Mumtaaz Madhvani. She played all kinds of roles in her movies and displayed a unique sense of fashion, especially her trademark draping style that inspires women to this day. This draping style involves wrapping the saree tightly around your waist and lower body several times to give it the feel of a corset, accentuating your muscles and contours of the body. Although it may not be as comfortable as other draping styles, especially in the ease of walking, it truly is one timeless beauty. You may also feel good in emulating the style of a Bollywood diva who was not just a fashion icon but a symbol of courage back in the day when the world wasn’t as open to women expressing themselves.




Modern Twist with a Crop Top

Crop tops are the go-to fashion choice these days. They are especially loved by women who like to incorporate modern and western attire in their everyday outfits. The best thing about wearing a saree in today’s age is that there is no firm rule about how to wear it; you don’t have to wear heavily embroidered or embellished saree blouses, you don’t have to drape them a certain way strictly, you can simply make your own personalised combinations. This is where a crop top can come in. Getting new blouses stitched every time becomes impractical, considering you can never reuse this piece of clothing differently. It will be far simpler for you to add an already available crop top with full sleeves or a halter neck crop in place of a blouse. The options are endless: a black crop top, a cape-style top, or one’s with puffy sleeves all go well with a Saree.


Go Fancy with a Structured Dress Style Drape

There is no need to be disappointed if you find it hard to carry traditionally authentic Indian sarees. You can still dress up in a saree by turning it into a pre-stitched and pre-arranged fabric. These pre-arranged sarees give you a dress that feels no less elegant than the original saree but a lot easier to carry. It is perfect for prom nights and weddings without the effort of setting up the dress. All you need are a couple of toning leggings or fitted pants and dress a half-saree above it just like a skirt. Cover up one shoulder with the pallu — pleats are optional — and you will be good to go. If you like, tie a metallic belt near the waist for extra sass.

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Saree is one of the most established pieces of clothing dating back hundreds of years. It’s the very definition of elegance and grace. You can drape a Saree in several different ways, and each style will give you an entirely different look.

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