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Hey loves, so last night it hit me that I’ll be turning 25 real soon! It has been an eventful 25 years, full of so many ups and downs but nevertheless I appreciate all my bad experiences as blessings as they’ve taught me what kind of person I am and what kind of person I aspire to be in the future.

In this post I will be summarising 25 life lessons that I’ve learnt before hitting 25!

Learn to say no. Yes that’s right. Saying no does not make you a bad person nor does it make you selfish. Prioritise what’s important to you.

Make friends with like minded people. Like minded people are the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Seriously it’s like having free mentoring. The energy and vibe they give out encourages you to focus on your own goals. As I grew older I realised my time was very valuable. I really enjoyed spending time with people with a similar mindset to me. So when I said something like “sorry can’t meet today, I have work to do”,  it was totally fine. People that are on the same wavelength as you, understand your passion and goals.

EXHAUST your options. This is something I swear by. From a young age, I was never the smartest at school. I always hated exams yet I ended up doing a Mathematics degree with 90% exams, found it very difficult too. But I loved Mathematics, so I kept pushing it, I studied further, I completed my Masters. I was pushing way above my weight and then I ended up in the Actuarial profession. A very competitive and demanding field. Basically what I’m saying is figure out what you love and find the best role in that field. Of course it won’t be easy, but you just keep trying and trying. I also teach on the weekends because I can, so why not? Be the best damn version of yourself and make the most of YOUR potential!

Love your damn self. This is an important one. Do not invest in a person more emotionally than you have invested in yourself. I don’t understand how we were taught to live our whole lives without being taught how to love ourselves?! It is absolutely bizarre! Loving yourself is a safe and beautiful place to be. A place that no one can take away from you.

Don’t worry about letting others down, worry about letting yourself down. As I matured I realised that doing the ‘right thing’ kept me content. For e.g. eating the right things, studying when I need to, going gym etc. Basically sticking to the plan! You need to embrace the fact that YOU choose how you spend each day. Don’t let yourself down.

Treat your body GOOD! You will be living with your body till you die so give it the best care it needs. Drink lots of water and eat good! Sleep, why 8 hours? Treat yourself to 9 hours. Go on runs, soak in some vitamin D while you’re at it.

Take good care of your skin and hair while you’re young. Lather your hair in oil, moisturise before bed. Treat yourself to massages if you’re stressed. Trust me, when you love yourself, these things will happen naturally.

Save money and invest. Yes. Yes. Yes. As soon as you’re earning anything, you should have a savings pot. Even if you saved £10 per week, you would have £520 at the end of the year. Honestly keep track of your finances. You don’t need 50 lipsticks of the same shade or 35 pairs of trainers. I’ve been guilty of such behaviour too lol, but I’ve cut down, I promise. Think of your monthly salary and aim to save at least half or more. If you’re earning £18k a year, should you really be driving a £10k car? Act your wage.

STAY AWAY from negative people. These are the worst type of people, they just drag you and your energy down. Of course if it’s someone important to you going through a bad time then help them. But you know those negative people who whinge and moan all day and see no positives in anything. Yup, stay away!

Don’t play the number game. The number game is when you think you should be in a certain position at a certain age, which is completely fine until you start beating yourself up about it. Everyone achieves different things at different ages. If you didn’t graduate at 21, that’s fine, you will graduate at 22 or 23, who’s counting? The main thing is you’re working towards your goals. Enjoy the process and don’t get caught up in the numbers.

Sometimes things fall apart so you can discover yourself. When things go bad the first things we question is ‘what did I do to deserve this, why did this happen to me?’ Well 99% of the time you won’t know. But trust me when I tell you that bad things happen to teach us beautiful life lessons. Embrace them and be patient and one day you will know.

Learn to train and control your mind. This is your most powerful asset. When you’re able to control your mind you become a mentally stronger person. You can smile through the bad times because you know good things are yet to come.

Gratitude is the best attitude. Believe that the universe and god has your back. Appreciate the little things and see how this changes your life.

Everything is temporary and it will pass. Feelings, emotions, bad times. But on the other hand so are beautiful things such as love. So don’t overthink or engage yourself too deeply as everything passes with time.

Don’t plan everything. Of course it’s okay to have life goals but be flexible, go with the flow. I wanted to be married at 22 and have babies at 23. Do I still want that now? NO. I’m so happy and content in life right now and just enjoying being me. If I got married at 22, I would not have been the same person. Life lessons build character, embrace it. Don’t rush life. Everything will happen at the right time.

Don’t settle. We often settle for a job, partner or even friends because we think we won’t find better. This is BULLSH**. Of course you will. Be the best and aim for the best. Settling is not an option. Don’t get comfortable in a certain job or around certain people, the REAL you will shine wherever you go, you better believe it!

Focus on yourself. I promise you that you will never look back and regret on focussing on your own goals and happiness. You need to have your own back!

Be yourself and express yourself. Being yourself will attract the right type of people in your life, that will be around for a long time.

Happiness is not circumstantial. Happiness is peace of mind. If you keep telling yourself ‘I will be happy in life if I get this job’ or ‘If I marry this person’ then you’ve got it completely wrong. Happiness is a choice and it’s not circumstantial. Train your mind and soul to be happy when you have nothing.

Keep your hustle strong and your side hustle stronger. Relying on one 9-5 job is the worst thing you can do. It’s such a liability because once that’s gone you’re left with nothing. Do something on the side to provide you with extra income. The aim is to build up on multiple streams of income. This could be from a side job (that you have passion for) or simply by investing in property or shares.

Not every action requires a reaction. Some times people upset us, hurt us or simply annoy the hell out of us. Learn to control your reactions and emotions and maintain a classy behaviour. No reaction is sometimes better than a reaction. Don’t let anyone dictate your actions. You’re too good for that.

Don’t compare yourself with others. This one is BIG. Everyone has different goals and ambitions, be clear on what yours are and how much work is required from YOU. To go places where no one has been, you need to take actions that no one has taken. Believe in yourself and your vision.

Educate yourself, more and more. You can’t put a price tag on knowledge. When I say educate yourself I don’t mean learn trigonometry again, I mean educate yourself in the field you are in or something that you have passion for. Take a course, learn how to bake, learn how to swim, read a book. Whatever it is, never stop growing!

Keep your knowledge fresh. I do this by teaching. It’s a personal thing for me as when I have children one day, I want to be able to help them with their homework at least up to A-level. The reason for this is because I taught Mathematics at university level to total random strangers. So if I’m not able to help my own children, what is the point? Be true to your field and know it properly. You’ve invested time and money in order to obtain a degree, don’t let it be just a piece of paper.

Embrace failure. Embracing failure is the best thing you can do, you know why? Because if you keep trying, then there’s no such thing as ‘failing’. You only fail when you stop trying.

I hope you all enjoyed this and can take away at least a few points. Of course you may not agree with some, but these are the 25 life lessons I have learnt. Please share your thoughts and comment 🙂


  • LaurensLipGlossary5 years ago

    Ah this was so lovely to read😌 All such important things! It all comes down to the relationship we have with ourselves I think, and if we’re happy being who we are. Self love is key!

  • Fahim5 years ago

    Good read. I would add never stop learning or reading. Your education doesn’t stop once you get your degree or certificate. One should continue to develop personally and professionally.

  • Parul5 years ago

    What an inspiration. Thank you for the lovely read. Positive mindset.


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