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As a makeup lover my most favourite product has to be liquid matte lipsticks. Especially nude tones. I am completely obsessed! I do try and switch up the colour from time to time but I’m too loyal to my nude shades plus bold shades are so high maintenance!

My go-to liquid mattes are without a doubt from the Kylie cosmetics and Jeffree Star cosmetics collection. Now as much as I love both of these brands, they are both definitely more on the pricier side, so I thought I’d try out some cheaper drug store alternatives for a daily use.

So after testing a few different lipsticks at Superdrug I went for the Nip + Fab liquid matte lipstick collection purely because of the amazing shade range!

DSC_0920 (1)

So what were my picks?



So would I recommend these? Yes and no.

Why yes? because the colours are GORGEOUS and it’s super affordable – (when there is an offer on….read on to see what I mean). I actually purchased them on the 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug and three were free when you purchase 3 Nip + Fab products. The coverage is decent and quite opaque.

Why no? The formula is great but although it does dry down matte it still has a slightly sticky texture. I will definitely using these with other matte lipsticks and especially with gloss because the colours are so yummy.

Although I say they are affordable, let’s do some maths here my loves:

Comparing with other high end brands:

Now bear in mind I purchased these lipsticks on a 3 for 2 offer and plus I received 3 for free because of a deal Superdrug had on that week. So I spent roughly £16 on 6 lipsticks, so £2.66 per lipstick which is a steal. But would I purchase them otherwise for full price? Probably not. Comparing with high end brands we can see that it’s not that cheap at all. Now aren’t you glad you studied proportion and those ‘best buy’ questions at GCSE Mathematics?

So to summarise the lipsticks are only worth buying if they’re on offer. The price is quite high and pretty similar to high end brands when comparing per ml but the quality is not comparable to high end brands. Also I just realised what a bargain the Kat Von D lipsticks are! Definitely need to invest in those!

So that’s it from me today!

Lots of love,


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