Advice to your 16 year old self

So yesterday I posted on Snapchat and Instagram asking my social media family what advice would they give to their 16-year old selves? I’ve posted some of them on my story so check them out loves (Instagram @atiya_choudhury), there were some really good advice! So I thought I would also add my thoughts! Of course this my own opinion from my own personal experiences.

  1. Firstly keep your connection with god very strong, there is no other connection that compares. You have to truly believe that god has a plan for you and all those bad experiences happen for a reason.
  2. Love yourself deeply before loving others. This actually helps you overcome a lot of struggles and heartache. Never talk about yourself in a negative manner, set the standards for yourself. We invest so much time loving and investing time in others that we almost forget that our own needs are important too.
  3. Appreciate and be grateful for what you have whilst working harder for what you want.
  4. Just maintain your happy, bubbly self. There is no need to tone down your personality or passion. Don’t let people/experiences make you bitter. Happiness is NOT circumstantial, it is actually a conscience decision you yourself make every day.
  5. Your mind is your most powerful possession. Utilise it, train your mind to think positively. All your experiences are decoded by your mind, you can literally change how you think and therefore control how you react.
  6. Eliminate negative vibes and people.
  7. Make an impact. It’s very difficult to appreciate the beauty of life without helping others. Life is truly about helping others and making an impact in the lives of others. This is probably why I will never stop teaching. I don’t get that buzz elsewhere.
  8. Invest in YOURSELF! In your education, in your health AND in your happiness. Learn to be happy alone. Don’t rely on others for your happiness. You are enough.
  9. It’s okay to fail, multiple times even. Just try again. To be honest, you only fail when you give up.
  10. Self-pity and being emotional is natural. But DO NOT make it a habit. Get your shit together and smash life!

On that note, thanks for reading! Love you all! X





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