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I always struggle to find the perfect winter coat every year. I personally don’t mind spending £70-£100 on a winter coat as I know I’ll be wearing it literally every single day for the next 6 months, due to the typical British weather! :S so it’s more of an investment to be honest. Believe it or not but last year I looked literally EVERYWHERE for the perfect coat and I had no luck whatsoever and then recycled my coats from the year before.

Last month when I was just browsing through River Island I came across this beautiful coat and I absolutely fell in love with the color! I’ve always loved dark green and this colour is totally trending right now! It looks so rich, classy and very trendy all at the same time. But unfortunately they did not have my size in store or even online. I was absolutely gutted! I added the online link for the coat to my phone home screen and checked every other day to see if it’s back in stock (yes I know I’m a loser but this method works, trust me LMAO). After 3 weeks of just constantly checking they FINALLY had a size 6 in stock! I ordered it right away. Yes, I am wearing a size 6. It’s ridiculous how ‘over-sized’ these coats are. Even 6 is a little big but oh well! The coat has one button and the tie cuff on the arms are adorable!

Coat – River Island | Grey jumper – H&M | Ripped Jeans – Zara



photo-2I love this coat! The only problem is that I know it won’t match with everything and anything like a black or cream coat but if you want to go for something different this winter, then a dark green coat is definitely a good choice. I’ve also seen a lot of yellow coats about this winter but that’s far too wild for me!

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3 thoughts on “Dark Green Winter Coat – OOTD

  1. I honestly LOVE that coat! I think I’ll be picking one like that one up. Love the blog post! Feel free to check out my latest too!

    1. Thank you!!!

  2. That’s a pretty color for the coat!! Love this post! Love meeting fellow desi girls out here, check out my blog too! 🙂

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