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Hey loves! I wanted to add a section to my blog about my business Atiya’s Treats. Atiya’s Treats started a year and a half ago and was purely a hobby of mine. I loved the idea of creating pretty dessert tables but initially I started off just selling dessert boxes from home. After investing a lot of time and money in buying all the props and decor I finally started doing dessert tables for events. I was so happy because this is what I always dreamed of!

It’s so flattering when people love your style of work and trust you with their big day. I’m always looking for new dessert table ideas. I feel that it’s so important to embed your hobby/passion into your life in some way. And if you can monetize this hobby/passion, then why the hell not?!

The reason I wanted to add this section to my blog was to give you guys a little behind the scenes of what goes on! Also if you would like to book us for your special day then check out our Instagram page @atiyas_treats, we’re also on Facebook: Atiya’s Treats. Or simply email

Our beautiful setup just before adding the desserts

Having a rehearsal table/practice before the event is a MUST for me. It helps me vision the final look and also helps me pack only the props I actually need. I also like to take a photo on my phone so I can set up really quickly on the day by looking at the photo. Another advantage of taking a photo is that when I go to collect my props I can make sure I’ve collected everything. Leaving any of my beautiful pieces behind is literally one of my worst nightmares! 🙁

The final look

My client requested a gold theme with a pop of color, preferably red and ivory to match her theme. Recently I’ve been using only fresh flowers and it makes so much difference! It definitely makes the dessert table more luxurious and classy.

Oreo Cheesecake | Galaxy Chocolate Trifle

Floating candles with petals is also a must and looks so beautiful when lit up 🙂

White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse | Oreo Cheesecake | Mint Cookies & Cream Parfaits





So can we please talk about how beautiful this tray is? My best friend gifted me this from TK Maxx. Don’t you just absolutely love friends that show interest in your business/passion? They are the best type of friends. Forever grateful!


OF COURSE I had to add edible rose petals! Look how adorable the white chocolate & raspberry mousse look! This dessert definitely added a pop of colour to the whole table.


DSC_0746_FotorUsually I like to add chocolate topping on the galaxy trifle but for this occasion I added the chocolate before the cream and topped the trifle with edible flowers instead to make it look more pretty and colourful!

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Thank you for reading! Love you all! X


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