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Once again Olivier Rousteing (creative director of Balmain) is back with another exciting collaboration, this time it’s a beautiful matte lipstick collection with L’Oréal. This collection screams diversity! There’s a shade for everyone, women of all ages and backgrounds.

There are 12 matte shades to choose from, available exclusively at Harvey Nichols retailing at only £12.99, extremely reasonable price for Balmain.

“A lot of people love Balmain but can’t afford it, and with the lipstick they can get into the Balmain universe in an affordable way” says Olivier.  – Well you rock Olivier! Can’t wait to see more!

From the 12 shades I picked up 4, the other colours were just too wild for my taste lol. I purchased these without testing (risky I know) as they aren’t available at the Harvey Nichols Birmingham store but you can order them in store to collect.

Below are swatches of the shades with and without flash. From left to right, the shades are: Fever, Confidence, Confession and Urban Safari.


The texture of the lipsticks are matte but creamy, so it definitely won’t dry out your lips.

The packaging? Look below – Need I say more? It’s beautiful!


Below are photos of all 4 shades, some photos were taken on my camera and some on my phone, so you can really see how the shades look. Also, please mind the awkward lip poses #braceFace 🙁

‘Urban Safari’ : I liked this more than expected. I needed two applications for the colour to fully show. I’m not sure if I would wear this very often but I will definitely be mixing it with other lip shades.
‘Fever’ : Yas yas yas! This is my favourite! Shocking because I  never wear these orange-y type of shades but this shade is so popping and rich in color! Absolutely love it!
‘Confession’ : No doubt this will be the most used from the 4 shades I’ve picked up. I tend to wear pinky-nudes on a day to day basis, so this is something I’ll definitely wear more frequently. I would most likely mix this shade with Urban Safari to get that perfect pinky-nude shade.
‘Confession’ again but using phone camera
‘Confidence’ – I’m not sure what to say about this shade other than it’s not for me lol. It’s basically purely shimmer. I think it would be a pretty highlighter maybe :S . If I do wear this, it would most likely be on top of other shades to add shimmer, definitely not on its own as it does nothing for me.

Thanks for reading! What’s next? I’ll be doing a post on a look I create with Fenty Beauty products 🙂 don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @atiya_choudhury to stay updated 🙂


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