Bangladeshi traditional bridal look

Hey loves! Today I want to share with you all a traditional bangladeshi bridal look. The saree is actually my mum’s wedding saree and is such a timeless classic piece. I would always try on my mum’s sarees and even make-up on the sly when I was younger LOL I guess old habits die hard.

My make-up was inspired by the one and only Liza (@artofliza), who is also a bangladeshi make up artist! Whoop whoop! She has been one of my inspirations for a very long time and I absolutely love how she rocks all the traditional sarees on herself and her clients. If you’re not following her already, what are you waiting for? lol


Now as you scroll through these photos, you will see some variation. I changed my lip colour to a ‘pinki-er’ shade and I also added some brown shimmer pigment to my eyes in the last few photos. My jewellery set is a gift from my aunty which she purchased from Sylhet, Bangladesh. How gorgeous right? It was a gift, but I believe you can pick up jewellery sets like this from Sylhet for only 1500-2500 taka (£15-£25), which is a bargain is you ask me!


Now for the main make-up details my loves, here we go:


  • Face: Nars all day luminous weightless foundation (shade: stromboli) mixed with the Ordinary serum foundation (3.0Y). My skin colour is constantly changing! So I always tend to mix foundations
  • Nyx orange colour corrector (shade: CJ13)
  • Highlight: Anastasia Beverly hills (sun dipped glow kit, moonstone and summer) – used on nose, cheekbones, inner eye corner and under eyebrows
  • Contour: Nip & Fab (02 Medium)
  • Concealer: Nars (shade: Ginger)



  • Eybrows: ABH Ebony Dipbrow Pomade and ABH Ash Brown Powder
  • Lashes: Pinky Goat
  • Eyes: Kylie, The bronze Palette (shades: Bronzite and Obsidian) and Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot (shade: Blackground). Paint pot was used to smudge and create a smokey effect.



  • Lips: A mix of 100000 different shades! Sorry! I wasn’t happy with the initial shade so I ended up mixing so many different shades!



Tips and tricks? Of course! I feel like I learn more with every look I create, so here are my tips as promised!

  • So the base for this look is by far the best base I have created on myself and I have my ring light to thank for this. I completed this whole look with my ring light on, which meant I could see every little detail on my skin, which then allowed me to create a flawless base. Lighting is key when applying make up. You don’t need to invest in a ring light. You could apply your make up next to a window and take advantage of the natural lighting or use a table lamp.
  • Really press the foundation hard into your skin with your beauty blender. Literally compress it in hard, you’re basically trying to melt the foundation in with your skin so it looks flawless and not cakey.
  • When filling in your eyebrows initially start of with the dipbrow pomade to outline a shape and then fill it in with the powder. When using the powder, do not swipe! Dab the eyebrow powder, swiped eyebrows look very unnatural.

IMG_0242IMG_0245Thanks for reading if you got till the end of this post 🙂 so excited to create more looks for the blog. I will also be launching my asian clothing line later this year, so to keep updated on the latest follow my Instagram @atiya_choudhury 🙂


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