Subtle bridal peach look

Hey my loves! So recently I’ve been really enjoying creating different make up looks, on myself and on others. Some of you guys who follow me on Instagram may be aware that I’m actually a ‘certified’ make up artist. I completed a 3-day pro make up course with the Gina Badhen Academy purely because I absolutely adore her work! Why I say ‘certified’ is because although I completed this course, I’m not fully confident applying make up on others. I truly feel that to get confident and comfortable, it’s so important to practice practice practice! And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been practicing on different skin shades, face shapes etc. and I can honestly see the improvement in my work within a week! :O I like to take photos on my camera and then really zoom in and see how I can improve my work.


So as I improve my own skills, I would also love to share some tips and tricks on the blog that I have picked up on my make up journey 🙂

Now…going back to the actual blog post lol….today I want to share this subtle peachy, orangey, bronzy, glowy look lol so many adjectives there eh… but I’m sure you get what I mean. Believe it or not, but this look was created at 2am. I was suddenly inspired to get up and just do it. I’m such a night owl and my brain works better at crazy hours!



So let’s keep this short and sweet! Below are the main products used:

My jewellery is from @IshyHaq on Instagram – Honestly love so many of the pieces on this page! My lashes are from Amazon and they’re only £2-£3. I’m trying out different lashes so I’ll be posting links to those that I like the most and I’d highly recommend 🙂



  • The Nyx orange corrector is so much better than the LA Pro girl one! The LA Pro girl one is ridiculously hard to blend. The Nyx one blends so easily plus it’s super affordable!
  • For flash photography I highly recommend staying away from foundations which consist of Spf. You will end up with flashback even if in reality everything is blended in perfectly. Although the ordinary foundation consists of spf15, I used a tiny amount for the texture and mixed it with the Mehron foundation.
  • To make your eyeshadow pop, first set the eyes with foundation and setting powder and then use a eyeshadow base product. This could be MAC paint pot or Nyx also have a great variety of eyeshadow bases.
  • The top eyeliner I used was AMAZING! It’s so difficult to find eyeliners that are affordable and have that bold finish, definitely try this Nyx one. However, I am not a fan of the brush, so I used my Zoeva wing liner brush.
  • To intensify the highlight you add to the corner of your eye, wet your brush with setting spray first and then apply the highlight.

I hope you enjoyed this post as there is plenty more to come! 🙂 Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog and follow me on instagram @atiya_choudhury 🙂









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