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Hey loves! If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for a while then you’re probably aware that I love anything related to event planning, decor, food even! So after speaking to a few of my close friends I was convinced that I should definitely offer these services as it’s something I truly enjoy!

So firstly, why do you need a wedding planner? Well you probably don’t.. but if you’re one of those that hate planning and simply don’t have the time to research for hours and need that go-to person, then look no further.

As your wedding planner, I will be your go-to person. Yes I’m ready to help all you bride-zillas and make your special day perfect! Initially we will have a consultation meeting (free of charge) and discuss exactly what you’re after for your main day, this includes discussing the budget, what kind of venue you’re after, your outfit, make-up, hair, henna, catering (food, desserts, snacks), decor and theme for the event, you name it. This also includes any small events you may have at home before the wedding, such mendhi parties, small family gatherings etc. As your wedding planner I will ensure that all your wedding needs are taken care of and all you’ll have to do is finalise your choices rather than spend hours running around like a headless chicken and researching, leave the messy work to me 🙂

I will also share with you my own ideas and the latest wedding trends to help you. Remember this is YOUR day so you will pick everything to your choice! 🙂 My job is to make sure your special day runs smoothly and everything is organised.

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