Rose Gold/Copper Room Decor

It hasn’t been long since I last decorated my room and I’m already bored of it. I wanted to add something or make a few changes but not sure how. What I did notice is that my vanity table would clutter a lot! I would end up putting my macbook, tea mug, books etc. on top of it treating it like a desk. I really hate clutter. So I decided that I wanted to invest in a cute coffee table. So this is what I went for. A copper look! Copper/Rose Gold are so in trend right now!


I purchased the table from Argos for £114.99 but currently it’s 10% off.  Here’s the link loves 🙂 copper plated coffee table

This table is more aesthetically pleasing than anything else. It’s made out of glass/mirror, so I wouldn’t pile everything on there carelessly. But I think it’s pretty decent for the price, especially if you get bored of home decor very quick like me lol


The retro vintage style lamp is from Dunelm for only £22. After a lot of googling I realised Dunelm was the best buy. So many other places were selling the same style for double or triple the price :S

Here is the link guys! Copper Lamp



And of course I treated myself and my new table to my favorite white roses. Ladies, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy yourself some flowers. Don’t wait for a man to do it lol

Flowers add the perfect little touch to any desk, coffee table, dining table, you name it! My personal favorite are roses and peonies!


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Lots of love


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  1. Obsessed!!! We have very similar taste in home decor 😉

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