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I am currently such a smoothie lover and my favorite has got to be breakfast smoothies! For a while now I’ve tried to incorporate oats into my breakfast in the form of porridge due to its healthy properties. To be honest that didn’t work out very well, it felt too heavy and sometimes made me feel sick, I couldn’t always finish it. Plus it was time consuming.

I’m that girl who’s always running late in the morning, so a breakfast smoothie to sip on while I drive to work is a game changer! I wanted to share with you guys my favourite smoothie recipe that is packed with nothing but goodness and more goodness!

My current smoothie maker is from Asda and retails for only £18. If you’re a smoothie lover then this is definitely an investment! It comes with two bottles which you attach to the smoothie maker/blender, you blend away, and then it’s ready for you to sip straight from the bottle. So much easier than pouring into a separate bottle etc.

Here’s the link 🙂,default,pd.html

So what’s in my smoothies?

Now I won’t give you guys exact amounts as you can add as much of each ingredient as you want! The ingredients are:

  • Oats (from Tesco, you can get any brand to be honest)
  • Frozen berries (from Sainsburys, Lidl have a good range too)
  • Spinach leaves (from Sainsburys, but you can get it from any supermarket)
  • Almond milk (My favourite is Alpro unsweetened, but you can go for the sweet one if you prefer)
  • Chia seeds (these are from Tesco, pricey but one pack lasts a very long time)
  • Flaxseed (can be purchased from any supermarket)

Then I blend away! If you feel that it’s not blending very well, then add some water or detach the bottle and give it a shake or stir. You can also replace the oats with protein powder, it makes the perfect protein shake! You can take have it in the bottle as a smoothie on the go or at home in your favourite mug. I like topping it up with some flaxseed, but that’s completely optional 🙂


So simple yet so yummy! Let me know how you get on and tag me in your pics if you attempt this!



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