Mughli Market – Selfridges (Bull Ring)

Being Bangladeshi means I rarely ever crave to go out for an Indian meal. It’s so easily available; either at home or telling my dad or uncle to get some from our family owned restaurants (yes, bengalis always own ‘indian’ restaurants, it’s all the same food really) anyways… going back to my blog post…. So Reham and myself fancied a little snack as we were walking through the Selfridges Food Hall (Bull Ring, Birmingham) and we came across this cute little place called Mughli Market. Like I’ve previously mentioned I love food places in a busy ‘hustle bustle’ type of atmosphere, and this was definitely one of those!

The place had such a homely but modern setting. Everything about it was so aesthetically pleasing. It was all in the little details, the cutlery, the simplicity and the touch of culture. I mean look at the label on the water bottle! Says water in hindi. Love love love!

I ordered a Papri chaat (£4.50) as I wasn’t hungry at all and just fancied a snack and Reham ordered the halal lamb burger (£8.00).

So me and Reham are those best friends that are kinda like a couple and share all of our food lol (hey, those are the best type of friends, if you don’t have one, you’re missing out!). Which meant I tasted the burger also :p

The papdi chaat was yum! The ‘imlee’ taste wasn’t as prominent as it is at other places but it was still tasty. I certainly liked how they added pomegranate. The lamb burger was delicious! It was very hearty and tasted so fresh and rich in flavour. The green chutney sauce added the indian touch and the bread was so soft.

We both really enjoyed the food and the setting and would definitely recommend it.

Just to warn you, don’t expect an ‘indian’ meal. I wouldn’t classify this as an indian meal purely because the flavour isn’t as strong and spicy. It’s more of a tapas place with an indian touch. Contemporary indian street food/snack type of place, perfect for lunch or a quick snack!


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