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Growing up I was sometimes that girl with too much attitude or hot head or maybe even argumentative at times. Patience was not something that existed in my dictionary. This post is hard for me to write as I’m opening up about my flaws in a very raw manner. But hey that’s the truth.

It’s strange because my dad is the most patient person I know. He’s the kind of guy that would tell you off (for something you did wrong) but then come back later and try and cheer you up anyway. Believe me when I say that love doesn’t spoil you. Sometimes being told off is a form of love and exactly what we need.

I always thought my dad was being a pushover or he should really be more defensive and not take everything so light-heartedly. But the past year or so I’ve learnt a big lesson. Dad was always right. You don’t need to always be right in an argument, you don’t gain anything from it. If you’ve hurt someone, cheer them up. Keep your genuine people close and those that you can’t maintain amazing relationships with, keep them at a distance but be civil. You would much rather maintain a civil relationship than a close toxic one.

You can’t please everyone and you can’t always be right. Just be that person who can still maintain a positive attitude regardless of what life chucks at you because that’s a strong person. Not one that fights back or argues. I’m not sure why it’s taken me soo long to come to these realisations, maybe I’m just a late bloomer. But I feel that your behaviour and approach in life will always reflect your parents in some way.

Every time I feel like I’m acting off I just tell myself ‘nah your parents raised you better’ and that instantly puts me back on track. Although I’m 24 (old some might say) I still aspire to be like my dad. One of the beautiful things about life is that each day is literally a new opportunity to change, develop and grow. It doesn’t matter how many times you mess up, it doesn’t take away the goodness from your soul and character. You can change things around and fix it. Think about the people you really love and why you love them, their special qualities and then try and implement them special qualities into your own life.

Just wanted to express my thoughts, goodnight and Eid Mubarak!😘❤️

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