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When did we become our own biggest enemy. We confine ourselves within these walls in our mind that we have only built ourselves. Narrowing our mindset and abilities, not allowing us to grow to much more than we can ever become or achieve.
It makes sense because we only learn from what we observe and believe that that is the correct way or the norm of life. We start believing that we must do what others are doing, whether it may be getting good grades, getting the right job, dressing in a particular way, getting married, literally everything and anything. What we fail to comprehend is that to achieve something remarkable we must follow our own mindset and let us grow and evolve. Following the same procedures will only lead us to the same result, that is just common logic, to see change and growth we must change our mindset.
On a daily basis, whether it may be in my professional life or personal life I see so much potential, but no ambition, so much talent but no motivation, so many dreams but no drive. It’s disheartening to see this. There seems to be more doubt and fear than anything else. Why have we become like this? We’re clearly aware of our interests and passion but we seem to neglect them. Why? Do we not deserve to see the best version of ourselves. We crave others to see us in a good light and to see our amazing qualities and potential, whether this may be our parents, peers, friends or even at a job interview but the person we fail to please is ourselves.
I’m guilty of this too. I’m guilty of letting doubtful thoughts come in between me and my passion or goals in life. Guilty of thinking I’m not good enough. But then I realised that negativity doesn’t necessarily come from the situation we’re in or the people around us, majority of the time it comes from deep within us. I’m so desensitised to hearing things such as ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m not clever enough to do that’, ‘I heard that this subject or industry is hard, so I don’t want to do it’ wow. Why do we give so much value to what we have heard and what others think. Yes listen to opinions and views and absorb what you can from it, but don’t let that define you or your decision.

We’re happy to work a day job and help a company or organisation grow from our potential and our hard work but we don’t want to put that work ethic and hard work into building our own dreams. Why? Even if we work 8 hours in the day, and sleep another 8 hours, we still have another 8 hours left. Even if we dedicate 2 hours or even 1 hour from that time towards our goals or just self development things will start looking better, I promise.

Ever wondered why all of us are so uniquely different, it’s exactly that. We’re unique and that’s the best thing about us. We all have a spark of our own, a vision of our own and that is our gift. So don’t ever be upset if people don’t understand you or your ideas and thoughts, it’s absolutely fine, you do you, because that vision is yours, and it’s unique to you.

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