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Honestly speaking I wasn’t into academia from a young age, it is something that developed with time, maybe a lot later than the average individual. But what I have realised is that everything is attainable if you have the right mindset. 
Coming from a background where you’re the first in your generation to go into higher education is tough. There is no voice of reasoning or anyone to advise you with your decisions, you just gotta go for what you think is best at the time, which can be quite scary. You’re constantly being told ‘study hard and you will go far in life’ is this true? Not entirely no, you can study hard but may have no idea what you want to do. It’s confusing, I’m 24 and still confused!! We get caught up so much in obtaining a degree and securing a job that we forget about self contentment and passion. What drives us, what kind of job will make us happy. I’m not saying follow your passion and be broke, we need to be realistic. Yes maintain your 8 hour job, but also build towards something of your own for yourself. 
Many of my friends and family members always ask me ‘why do you still do so many other things on the side when you already have a job?’ You know why? Because creativity keeps me sane, for me it’s teaching part-time, doing charity work or making desserts, these parts of my life are parts of me where I’m allowed to be whoever the hell I want, the purest and happiest form of me. I don’t need to think about pleasing no boss. These things are probably something small to others, but when I teach I’m bringing growth into the life of another individual, who will then maybe go on to be an engineer, doctor or scientist, if not that then at least have the ability to pass on this knowledge to the next generation. That gives me the biggest contentment in life. Helping others doesn’t ever feel like work, it’s strange how it works, it’s almost as if you’ve helped yourself.

There’s much more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and earning a big pay cheque. Your soul needs to be happy. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t know what that takes. I started private tutoring 6 years ago and I always told myself ‘oh I’ll stop this when I graduate and get a full time job’ and guess what? I graduated twice, have had multiple jobs and now in a full time job, have I quit? No. Don’t listen to what the society tells you about having one full time job, the weekend off and don’t live for a Friday because that is all you will ever be doing, use each day as an opportunity for further growth. Don’t make your day job your life, work on your own passion and dreams, because life is too short for ‘what ifs’ .

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