Dinner Parties – Semi-healthy recipes!

So I’m currently at work and forgot my laptop 😫 so decided to just blog on my phone…

Okay so that didn’t work out lol it got super busy with students, solved so many math problems that day, loved it 🙂

So today it’s my day off and I’m just at home, trying to eat healthy and drink a gallon of water (constantly running to the loo :/ ) Really craving a cheeseburger as usual. So what’s new? So my friends came down last weekend for dinner and we had an absolutely amazing time. (You know you’re turning old when you prefer cosy home dinner parties over a night out). So this what I cooked for them, semi-healthy but delicious!


I absolutely love home decor, especially lanterns and candles. They bring a whole new vibe to the dinner table. The large lantern was purchased from Wilko and my lovely brother gifted me with the smaller one from Dubai 🙂 Beautiful isn’t it?
So I went all out and decided to experiment with the drink. A Raspberry mocktail. Super easy to make, will definitely share the recipe if anyone is interested 🙂



IMG_1421 2
For sides I served home made chips and stuffed peppers, both with some chopped spring onions to add that extra touch. The peppers were stuffed with spicy mash potato. Simply make some mash potato and add some onions and chilli flakes and then top it with cheese and stick it in the oven until the cheese is turning slightly brown.
For mains I served grilled chicken steak marinated in peri peri sauce, some steamed spinach, buttered chestnut mushrooms and some cherry tomatoes, my favourite!
The two sauces served with this meal were gravy and blue cheese sauce! I made the blue cheese sauce for the first time, although the smell is ridiculously strong it was delicious and very creamy.
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