Family Time

As we get older we just get more and more busy. It may be because of our studies, work, or just generally. Sometimes it’s quite sad how little time we spend with our family, but it must be made a priority. Even if it’s just a day in the whole week. Every relationship needs quality time and commitment, whether it may be with your parents, siblings or even your other half. Regardless of how busy you are. It’s important to connect with your family and know just simply how their day was, otherwise it’s not a home, it’s just a house with 4 walls.

I must admit that me and my family have been having the whole issue with not spending enough time together because everyone seems to have a different timetable with different commitments. So my dad decided that every Tuesday night we MUST spend the evening together. Yes that means no friends, no late night gym sessions, no running off to your room to do work, and you know what? I’m so glad! I always look forward to Tuesday evenings, we all do. It’s definitely the best part of my week. And to top it all off, mom and dad make us something different to eat every week. Some times it turns into a feast 😐

So here is what my lovely parents made today 🙂

Beef Steak
Prawn butterfly
Spciy Chicken Curry
Paneer Tikka
Egg Fried Rice
My meal

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