Hey loves,

Well today has been such a busy but lovely day! Today is my parent’s 26th Anniversary! and tomorrow is my brother’s 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Bhaiya! 

I’m no baker, but usually for occasions I do like to ATTEMPT to bake something but unfortunately my crazy schedule didn’t allow me to do so 🙁

So I thought hmmm, okay I’ll just buy a cake, but nothing appealed to me at the shop and I had literally 20 minutes to buy a cake and go home as I told my family that I’m treating everyone out today for dinner.

SO this is what I did lol, a bit random and weird but my brother absolutely LOVED it, he loved that there were so many options, it was like a birthday platter! What do you guys think?


For dinner we went to Ibrahim’s Grill and Steak House (Warwick Road, Birmingham). By far one of my favourite steak places, do check it out guys, here are some pics from today.

Tex-Mex Nachos – It was alright, nothing amazing to be honest, and I can’t remember what this other starter is called, but something along the lines of paneer fritter, it tasted quite sweet and slightly spicy, we all enjoyed it 🙂
My little brother had the Peri Peri breast burger, the burger has onion rings inside it! How cool is that, I LOVE onion rings!
My brother ordered a sirloin steak, it tasted heavenly!
My mom ordered her favourite king prawn bhuna with rice as usual 🙂
Me and my dad ordered chicken steak. I ordered mine with sour cream & chive mash. I can never get bored of their steaks, the flavouring and the spices is bang on! Not only this but the portion sizes are quite generous too!

Hope you all had a lovely day today, I certainly did. Now back to work!

Goodnight everyone 🙂


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