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Hey everyone,

I have some exciting news! I will be holding my first Mathematics workshop this winter holidays! So a little about myself in case you all didn’t know…I am a very passionate Mathematician with a Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics and I am currently teaching degree level mathematics at a university. I have also been providing a private tutoring service for the past 5 years and this year I wanted to dedicate more time towards my students in the holidays to help them reach their goal and encourage further education in mathematics.


So what does my workshop consist of? The workshop is intense and once the full leaflet is up you all will be aware of what each day consists of. This post is a brief summary just to make you all aware, that’s all 🙂

The main focus is not only to cover the whole syllabus of GCSE Mathematics including exam papers etc. but also to make students aware of the beauty of mathematics, the applicability to real life situations, the history of mathematics and the career opportunities within this field. I want my students to take more from the lessons than simply a few formulas.

As I am fully booked for the rest of the term, this workshop is available to everyone and not just my current students. But of course there are limited places as I want to keep the workshop as intimate and productive as possible.  I am located in Birmingham and the workshop will also be held in Birmingham, between dates 21st-30th December. The location is yet to be confirmed.

I’ve shared my email address with you guys, not my number due to privacy reasons. So if you’re interested, or know of any friends or family members that may be interested, get in touch!



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