It’s all in the mind, if you can feel and believe in it, then you can be it. You have to convince yourself that you can always do better, progress further. Believing in yourself is the key to any accomplished goal.

How you see yourself is far more important than how others see you. But how you see yourself will always effect how others see you. Stay positive, be strong and others will see you as a strong confident person. Even if you have your insecurities and flaws DON’T highlight them. Accept yourself for the way you are. Appreciate your good qualities and work towards diminishing the bad ones, not shining light on them.

Everyone starts somewhere. Every step forward, whether it’s the smallest step in the world, it is STILL a step forward if it is in the right direction. Every step of progress is a step closer to your goal, don’t be disheartened by lack of results, keep going! The best things always take time.

Be your own cheerleader, appreciate your own progress, appreciate your inner-strength and believe that this inner strength is infinite, it will push beyond limits and you’re the person who is the force behind this push.

Love yourself, love yourself enough to accept yourself. Love yourself enough to know your worth and don’t let people or bad situations define who you are. What ever we may have experienced in our life, or the regrets we may have, never let bad decisions define who you are, you can always change things around, you can always improve, have faith in your inner strength and potential to bring out nothing but the best version of you!


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