Battling Negative Energy


Negative energy is something we all deal with in our lives. Sometimes it’s from strangers, people we know and unfortunately sometimes even from friends and family members.

During my college years me and my class were often told by our maths teacher how we would fail our a-level maths modules :/ maybe he said that to motivate us so we work harder? But does that really work for everyone? It certainly pushed me to try harder and prove him wrong but sometimes these comments can make one feel insecure and less capable and some may even perform worse due to this. Each individual is different and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique from one another. What may work for someone may not work for others.

In the same way each individual has their own unique potential. Your creativity and potential is not limited to what you learn in a class room. You may have a creative entrepreneurial mind, or maybe you’re good at working with children and you would make an amazing inspirational teacher one day. I truly believe everyone has a purpose in life, we are all here to make a contribution to this world and bring some good and this journey we are on, we will fall so many times but we need to get back up and keep going purely to figure out our main purpose in this world.

When we’re at school, it’s pretty easy to distinguish between the ‘bright’ kids from the not so bright kids but as you grow older you learn that it’s not about how bright you are, it’s all about your work ethic, you could be the smartest kid on the planet but not working hard can really have an effect on your future, yes maybe you will be successful but not as successful as you could potentially be. Hard work beats talent any day. Our skills and talent are not just inherited, we need to understand that they can also be developed. Developing a growth mind set helps us believe this, believing that we can develop and improve with practice and consistency in whatever we want to do.

In our journey we come across all sorts of people, some who want to help us, others who just don’t care and some people who tell us how we’re not capable or how unrealistic our goal is. One thing I have learnt over the past few years is that it is so important to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, even if that means that they make you laugh and smile. You could be friends with someone for years and they still may not understand what’s important to you, time holds no value. As humans we are more naturally drawn to people due to how long we have known them or the memories we share with them, but friendships should not purely be based on time. Friendships should be based on understanding and caring for one another. Caring for your friends health, success and happiness. Supporting one another, encouraging one another and simply being there.

Negative comments such as “argh you’re always working”, “argh you’re always studying” really bugs me, I’m sorry but my life does not revolve around going out everyday and doing exciting things neither do I want it to be, I need a purpose to it. Good friends encourage one another to work hard, they motivate each other, yes there should be time for fun, but there’s nothing wrong with working hard, you should be telling each other “you can do it!”. We should never bring down a person for their hard work because they have a reason, they have a goal, a vision of their own. Only you can see your vision and that is the beauty of it. No one else can see it from your view even if you explain it to them 100 times over, so don’t waste your time. Focus on yourself, on your vision, who you want to be. Those who care will stick around, those who get annoyed are just not worth the time or effort.




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