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Hey loves,

I haven’t done a food post in a while so I thought why not today? Today’s recipe is very quick and easy PLUS it’s healthy 🙂 Oh and let’s not forget delicious, well at least I think so anyway lol

Chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, sweetcorn and gravy.


To be really fast and efficient with your time while cooking you need to multi-task, simultaneously do a few things at the same time. For e.g. while you wait for the mushrooms to cook, go do something else, leave it on low heat and get other tasks done, that’s the best way.

Firstly steam the vegetable in a colander and cover it while it steams..
While the vegetables steam cook the mushrooms with a little butter…
Cook until it’s golden brown
This step is completely optional, slightly cook your vegetables after it has fully steamed, add some black pepper and chilli flakes for extra delicious flavour!

Luckily for me, my brother cooks! 😛 amazing isn’t it? So the chicken was already cooked, he usually cooks for 2-3 days as he takes it for lunch. However I will share with you guys his amazing recipe next time he’s making chicken steaks because they taste absolutely phenomenal! So maybe some time this week?

And of course let’s not forget the gravy! Oh and some sweetcorn on the side 🙂


I hope you all found this post useful, watch this space as I will be sharing the recipe for the chicken hopefully this week 🙂 Follow this blog not to miss out! 🙂


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