Don’t Be Motivated, Be Disciplined

So I was just going through my snapchat yesterday as you do and I came across my brother’s snapstory and I must say I was quite inspired. Bear in mind his usual daily snapchats are of his breakfast and him cooking :/ weird I know, but this time he said something that really stuck with me ‘Don’t Be Motivated, Be Disciplined’ I had a think about this for a while, because surely motivation is a good thing right?

The truth is motivation runs out. Some days we feel less motivated than others, some days we feel crap, some days we feel the complete opposite and crazily motivated, it’s very up and down and it varies. If we depend our actions on our level of motivation how will we ever be consistent in what we do? To excel, succeed and go beyond, consistency and persistence is the key. So yes, be disciplined not motivated, because being disciplined means you will be consistent, you will study when you’re not in the mood, you will put in the hours when you’re not in the mood, you will go gym even if you can’t be bothered to, but at the end of it you can tick that to do list! 🙂 So be disciplined, be consistent, and be your amazing self!

Goodnight 🙂





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