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I love Autumn and Winter but I really struggle to look pretty and feel cosy and comfortable at the same time. The struggle of being a girl eh? Like you want to wear a pretty dress but then you have to layer it up because it’s freezing and then suddenly you look like your chubby uncle.

Recently I’ve been loving turtle neck tops and scarves. I picked up this turtle neck camel colour top from New Look for only £8.99 (link given below).

They have a great variety of colours and I’m really tempted to get a few more. I also picked up a scarf from New Look for £14.99 (link given below).

Love the scarf as it’s reversible, with two completely different patterns on each side. Which side is your favourite?

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I personally prefer the brown-ish side but my best friend who loved the check side, literally made me wear it the other way just because she preferred it! Lol

Not sure why I'm posting selfies, should really be doing some work right now

I paired this top with my acid wash jeans from Asos and to accessorise I just wore my favourite Michael Kors watch.


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So this is my look for the day 🙂 Also these perfumes from ZARA are the bomb! Will do a separate blog post on them some time this week.

Hope you all had a productive day full of positivity and smiles! 🙂

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