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Being a car enthusiast you’d think I would’ve posted this months ago right?! I must admit, car posts are definitely one of my favourite types of blog posts. Do check out my Toyota Celica post if you haven’t already 🙂

So just sharing my experience on my second car, the Audi TT (mk1). After having the Toyota Celica as my first car which was only pushing 140bhp I was craving more power, you’d think you’d have a lot of options right? But to find a car within a decent budget, that looks amazing plus has phenomenal power can be tough. Initially I didn’t like the Audi TT so much but after looking around and sitting inside the car I fell in love! The car has such a luxurious feeling.


Let’s start of with the two specs they have available in this model. So you can either go for the 180bhp or the 225bhp both with 6 gears. To be honest, it makes literally no difference on your fuel costs or on insurance so why not just go for the 225bhp?! The 225bhp has double exhausts at the back and damnnn it looks beautiful!


So when your car is pushing 225bhp AND it has a quattro system AND the turbo kicks in, you can only imagine how amazing the drive is. The quattro is quite impressive on slippery roads and sharp bends (not that I encourage fast driving lol). The reason for this is because it is a four-wheel drive which means you’re getting double the grip, so when turning at sharp bends you wouldn’t have to slow down as much as you would have to on an average car.


My favourite thing about my own car is the beige interior. This makes so much difference to me. I love having an unique interior in my cars! Beige looks so lovely, I’m always taking selfies in it because I love it so much lol. Makes the car look way more luxurious than the black interior.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 15.54.11

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the heated leathers! I feel so spoilt, my next car will definitely have to have heated seats, it’s perfect for those cold winter mornings! My little brother calls it the bum warmer and for this reason he loves me dropping him off to school lol.

Also let’s not forget to take a moment to appreciate the Bose sound system, it is the must have sound system! Bose sound systems are well known for their high quality. The music system in this car is something else, the sound quality is phenomenal. Audi have really taken care of every little detail in this car.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 15.01.30

IMG_8721-2 IMG_8731 IMG_8732

The car is a coupe, with 2+2 seats, just like the Celica, but let’s be honest, 2 average sized people can fit in the back of a Celica, in this car it’s impossible. So when I started looking around, I must’ve looked at at least 5 or 6 cars and guess what? Most of the previous owners were men, some were even big bulky 6ft tall men. You would think why on earth would you want to squash yourself in this car?! You know why? Purely because of the POWER! No other car is delivering such speed, with Quattro system for such a great price. Plus it’s an Audi. German cars may be high maintenance but they’re definitely reliable.

I feel that, yes this may be a really fast car but this car is definitely a ladies car, purely because of the look. I personally am not a fan of mini coopers and do not understand the hype at all, they are cute and vintage looking but doesn’t appeal to me to be honest. I feel that Audi TTs are much more beautiful, powerful and worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 15.54.30

The only downside is the back 2 seats are literally non existent, they’re basically handbag space or that little space for your 10 year old sibling lol. My family and friends complain ALL the time, but oh well! If you’re not going to have a sports car in your early 20s when will you?

Another thing is the cup holder, I have a thing for cup holders, my Celica had two right in the centre, so convenient. The cup holder in this car isn’t as sturdy as it could be and it’s definitely in the wrong place. I can no longer sip my green tea and drive like I used to. The TT isn’t so fuel efficient to be honest, but you can’t complain with all that the car has to offer already especially in terms of the power. It’s definitely not a run around or a family car but if you’re after a lovely coupe with great sound system and a great drive this is the car for you.

Overall, absolutely love the drive, the look and the interior!


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