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Hey lovely people! How are you all?

Just thought I’d do another post about healthy eating and gym to give you all an update. So I planned to go to the gym at 9am but I overslept :/ I ended up watching Eastenders yesterday at stupid o’clock and it just wasn’t worth it (not sure why I still watch it!). Anyways I eventually made it to the gym, I did 40 minutes cardio (cross trainer and treadmill) and then some squats with weights (THIS WAS A KILLER!) and then roughly 30 minutes on the toning machines.

I think from my next session onwards I’ll be spending more time doing cardio because at this point I want to lose more weight and maybe focus on toning a little later. For breakfast I had muesli with banana and skimmed milk just like my last post.

I had lunch after gym and it was from Pepe’s, 1/4 grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. Not going to lie but I’ve never ordered anything from Pepe’s without fries, this felt totally weird but hopefully worth it. And of course strictly water! I did quite enjoy this, it just needed a lot of chilli sauce and it tasted perfect πŸ™‚


So after this…. it went pretty downhill from here lol I was so pleased with my gym workout and lunch and then I had to go ruin it! Lack of self-control πŸ™

I ended up having peppermint tea which is okay…and a shortbread chocolate chip biscuit thing! But to be fair, me and my friend halved it.


So at this point I told myself, okay, just half a biscuit no big deal, I’ll just be extremely healthy for dinner time to balance it out πŸ™‚

Straight afterΒ I had a private tuition lesson. So when you’re a private tutor, your students and their families always want to feed you, which is lovely usually but not when you’re trying to lose weight! πŸ™

They fed me the most delicious minced meat pasta. I guess it’s not that unhealthy but it is a lot of carbs πŸ™ and I had to eat it otherwise they might have got offended. Oh well! And tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday which only means more food! Oh what do I do!


Hope you all enjoyed this post, I’ll be uploading more and hopefully I’ll improve on my self-control skills πŸ™‚

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