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Hey lovely people!
So recently I’ve been super, super, super LAZY!

The laziest I’ve ever been to be honest! I have so much spare time on my hands yet I’ve been nothing but unproductive! So I thought I’d set myself some very basic goals; whether it may be waking up early, studying more efficiently, working out, looking after my health, working more hours, saving up! I personally feel that there are always ways we can better ourselves, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something work related and boring, it could be something you truly enjoy, it’s always nice to have a hobby on the side, it keeps you sane because sometimes escapism is necessary! Oooo let’s not forget maybe blog more?! 😛

So I thought today’s blog would be a typical girly blog about my current favourites.
My first favourite would have to be this perfume from ZARA, ZARA Gold.  It’s basically a dupe of Lady Million, my all time favourite. However Lady Million is a bit on the pricey side and I personally would savour it for special occasions. ZARA Gold on the other hand smells EXACTLY the same and you’re only paying £17.99 for a 75ml bottle. Now that my fellow readers is a bargain! In comparison Lady Million (80ml) retails for about £69! The packaging is beauts and it would make a perfect gift 🙂 I myself also received this as a gift.
I’ve also been loving statement pieces at the moment. I feel like it doesn’t matter how simple a blouse or dress may be, a pop of colour always helps transform an outfit. The three necklaces below have all been purchased from H&M.
The top one was purchased for £12.99, and boy oh boy have I made use of it! I literally wore it with every outfit possible. It’s such a versatile piece! It can be worn with something as casual as jeans, an elegant dress or even an asian outfit like a saree.
The second piece was purchased for £7.99 as far as I can remember. I was attracted by its unique colours of mint and khaki. This necklace definitely adds that pop of vibrant colour and looks great with neutral shade outfits.
Finally, the last one was a gift from my best friend. Again such a beautiful colour! I’m a sucker for pastel colours! They look lovely, especially in Summer. I paired this necklace up with a mint scarf  for a iftaar dinner at my friend’s.
So talking of pastel colours.. I picked up these two beautiful pair of earrings from the Accessorize sale! I saw them and fell in love! How pretty are they?! Even with a 50% off sale they were £7 each, so pricey but they were just too pretty to walk away, oops lol
So before every event, whether it may be a party, wedding or Eid, I always find myself at the 24/7 Tesco the night before  :/    Why? To buy some eyelashes….. Yup, I just don’t seem to learn! Eyelashes make such a big difference to a look, you can apply 2367521578 layers of mascara but it never looks as great as eyelashes. Plus they’re just so easy to remove. Removing mascara is such a pain! So this time I’ve decided to stock up! These three pairs were purchased from Miss Selfridges, for £10 as they had a 3 for 2 offer on.
Usually they retail for about £5 each. I like them all to be fair, the VOLUME (No 107) is more on the dramatic side and perfect for the full on glam look, the Kimberley ones (No 118) are dramatic yet natural looking, perfect for an evening out and the Cheryl ones (No 114) are even more naturally looking, I feel like they can be worn casually, but I’m too lazy for that lol.
The struggle of finding the perfect pinkish, nudish matte lipstick is real! I always find myself mixing up so many random lipsticks and lipliners to get the perfect shade. Not anymore, my brother gifted me with MAC Mehr matte lipstick and I must admit I’m quite impressed with the colour and texture JIt’s definitely my go to lipstick right now and I just can’t seem to get myself to wear anything else lol.
This lipstick can be purchased from Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser and it retails for about £15.50, pretty expensive I know, but that’s just mac for you. To be fair I feel like a lipstick lasts me a veryyyyy LONG time opposed to lip stains or glosses, so it’s always worth investing in lipsticks.
Finally, let’s talk about these babies. It’s always handy to have body mist or some form of scent in your handbag. Smell is important for me lol the pink bottle (Pure Seduction) was a gift from a friend purchased from Victoria’s Secret and it smells ah-mazing! So fruity and delicious and romantic if that makes any sense at all lol red plum and freesia apparently.
The second body mist was just a random purchase from Miss Selfridges for £4 (150ml), I’m not sure how else to describe this scent, it smells sweet and fresh, sorry for the lack of description lol.


So I’ll end this blog right here! I will try and blog more often (I hope!) till then I hope you all are enjoying the lovely weather and making the most of the very little sunshine we have here in Britain J

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