My Birchbox experience…January, February and March

So I was never really interested in the whole Birchbox thing until recently when I heard about the FREE Beautyblender

+ the cleanser that comes with it! For those of you, who are alien to the Birchbox like me…well basically Birchbox is a company that delivers you a box of well-known, exclusive and cult makeup, skincare, fragrance or haircare samples – sometimes full-sized! 

My January and February boxes 


The Birchbox is perfect for those of you who love trying out new products just like myself, I’ve already discovered a few products that I love! Each box is £10 + £2.95 for delivery. Here is the link below for more details.

This Beautyblender with the solid cleanser usually retails for about £26

So this was definitely a bargain not to miss. I’m sure all you girls have heard all the amazing things about this Beautyblender and maybe even own one. So I thought why not? Let’s see what the fuss is all about. So for £12.95 I received a Birchbox full of goodies plus the Beautyblender! Must say I was quite pleased with myself 🙂
So here is what I received in the January Birchbox. For the January box, Birchbox have teamed up with Women’s health, so the products were very….erm….healthy…? There was even a matcha green tea sample (not i
n the pic because I drank it…oops…lol)

They even add a card with details of each and every product. I haven’t tried every product yet for a full review but my favourite product from the January box definitely has to be the Beauty Protector (Protect & Detangle) which is a Birchbox exclusive! It’s simply a leave in conditioner in a cute red bottle. I carry this around with me everywhere and the smell is amazing! I’m not going to lie…but I still have not got round to trying this beautyblender! Maybe I’ll give you guys a quick review on my next post 🙂
And now the February box..
My favourite product from the February box definitely has to be the Vita Coco coconut oil. This is an extra virgin 100% raw, 100% organic oil, the GOOD STUFF! I use this before bed on my face and wake up with such soft feeling skin. It’s also great for your hair to smooth away those horrid split ends. You can even remove your eye make-up with this oil. I must say, this is by far the best coconut oil I have used, other oils don’t work as well and also have a very strong smell but this oil is perfect, no strong smell and does exactly what it says!
Another product which I have been enjoying is the eyeko FAT eye stick. This product is Ah-mazing if you’re lazy like me to put on some eyeshadow. I’m absolutely hopeless with eye make-up, this eye stick is ideal for that smokey look. You get a great amount of product and the colour and texture is phenomenal. 
I haven’t really tried the other products much to give you guys a full review. Another product which I can see myself using is the Stainiac, a tint for lips and cheeks. This product reminds me a lot of benetint by benefit, which I’m not a fan of anyway. It’s far too runny, but Stainiac isn’t runny at all, it has more of a gel formula which makes it much more easier to apply. 
Now my favourite birch box….the MARCH BIRCHBOX!
Woke up to this on Friday morning, what a lovely surprise! This box had all my fave products. 
Firstly the Roller Lash by Benefit. My fave mascara for the past year or so has to be by Benefit, they’re real! So when I heard about Benefit’s new mascara the Roller Lash I just had try it and luckily it was in my birchbox! So happy! I initially thought there is no way this could be better but surprisingly it is, it literally curls and lifts your lashes up, such an amazing product! definitely purchasing the full size.
I was also excited about the Lord & Berry Bronzer (in the shade sunny), I’m a bronzer over blusher girl. I rarely use blusher, so another bronzer? Why not?! 😛 
This bronzer is not shimmery therefore it looks very natural and gives you a healthy glow. The texture is very rich and smooth and not powdery at all. 
The small perfume sample by Catherine Malandrino (never heard of this brand before lol) is so lush! Someone buy me the full size please. It reminds me a lot of Armani diamonds, one of my all time favourites. 
Bath salts? Who doesn’t love unwinding in a long relaxing bath? In fact that’s exactly what I’m doing after this post with the Serenity dead sea bath salt
I’m always on the hunt for intense hair treatments and the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer claims to restore suppleness and bounce to damaged tresses, I really hope this is true, will give it a shot and let you all know.
Let’s not forget the cute, red little notebook. Being a student/sessional lecturer/private tutor requires a lot of planning and organisation :/  I guess this book will come into a lot of use. Also the first chapter of ‘A Perfect Heritage’ by Penny Vincenzi. Honestly don’t remember the last time I picked up a book unless it was Math or Chemistry based, oops :/ but I’m actually looking forward to this read 🙂
Once again, thanks for reading, Happy Saturday 🙂

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