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Hello beautiful people! Just sharing a little look of the day, hope you’re all enjoying your holidays because I certainly am! Although I have gained a few pounds 🙁

So here it is, just a simple subtle bronzy look using the following products:


Only takes 5 mins! 🙂


  • Before starting my make-up application it is a MUST for me to make sure my skin is completely moisturised! So lately I have been using The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture cream to do this. Not moisturising simply means foundation on flakey skin (especially in such cold weather conditions), which is not a good look! I have dry skin, therefore it is important for me to moisturise and give it a few mins for the cream to sink in to my skin.
  • I then applied the True Match foundation by L’Oreal (in the shade N7 Amber) with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. This is not particularly my favourite foundation or anything, just been giving it a try as I seem to get rather bored using the same foundation. I must admit I quite like it. It’s the ideal foundation for those of you girls who don’t like that heavy mask feeling that some foundations give. It’s very light and super-blendable!
  • Hoola bronzer by Benefit has always been my fave! I use this to contour or to create that bronzy look. I applied the bronzer with the Elf Studio Powder Brush which I am literally obsessed with! It is so versatile, I use it for my blushes, bb creams, foundations…everything!
  • I couldn’t find a picture of the lip liner used in this look as I purchased it from Dubai! It’s so pigmented and I’ll be crying when it runs out lol but on the lips I’ve used a lipstick by Revlon called ‘Pink In The Afternoon’ shade 415 and on top of this I’ve applied my fave Sleek Matte Me lipgloss in the shade ‘Birthday Suit’, just to give it a matte finish.
  • I then highlighted my cheek bones with the Benefit ‘Watts Up’ highlighter which is another one of  my faves. I was too lazy to pay attention to my eyes and eyebrows today as I was running late (I think that’s pretty obvious lol). For the eyebrows I used Sleek brow kit (Dark 818) and the mascara I used was the Volume Million Lashes So Couture by L’Oreal. This mascara  is not particularly my favourite either! I purchased it just to give it a try and it’s really not all that great but I’ve just been using it up as it’s not a great idea to keep old mascaras as they can cause eye infections.
I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thanks again for reading! and do follow, I don’t bite 😛

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