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Hey all!

So I thought my first post should be about something I am truly passionate about….. CARS!

This post is to simply share my unhealthy obsession with my first car and my personal experience.

Growing up I’ve seen that the typical first car for anyone my age was always something like a Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Ford, VW Polo etc. These cars are great, reliable and also fuel efficient 🙂  but they did not appeal to me in any way!

I was dead set on getting a Toyota Celica as my first car and so I did. I worked hard and made sure I got exactly what I wanted. I’ve loved that car since it was first launched in the market and still do. It’s absolutely beautiful! (and I swear it resembled a Lamborghini to me when I was 12 lol). This car is a real head turner and if you’re into modifying and getting creative with your cars like me then you will definitely enjoy the Celica experience 😉 as there is so much that can be done to these cars.


This car ACTUALLY feels like a sports car, it may only be 140 or 190 bhp but it certainly has the feel of a sports car due to the sport bucket seats and how low the car is. You actually feel so cool whilst driving it haha lol.

The car may be over 10 years old, but the shape and style still beats even the latest cars out there. Without any mods the car looks amazing!!! So after a few mods such as a rear lip, side skirts, high spoiler and maybe some 18 inch rims the car is really something else. I’ve also managed to install an iPad mini into mine which makes me super happy 🙂




The great advantage of owning a japanese car, especially a Toyota is that they are so reliable! Definitely one of the most reliable cars out there! Not only this but the parts are dead cheap compared to german car parts.

I’ve owned a Toyota Celica for over 2 years and not once has it let me down, of course there is the usual wear and tear such as the tyres, brakes or even the clutch but thats about it! No major issues whatsoever! The car itself is also cheap to buy, you can pick up a decent one for under £2000. The only downside is that it does tend to drink quite a bit, but hey you can’t have it all! 😛

Originally I would have loved to get my hands on a VVTLi 190 bhp but insurance would have been sky high at such a young age,  so I settled for a VVTi 140 bhp which is still quite nippy tbh. I love how beasty Celicas look! Some may say its not a girl’s car but I totally disagree! The car definitely holds a sleek look which will suit both girls and boys. I would however agree that the car was made for youngsters so it’s the ultimate first car 🙂

The only major downfall I would have to say is that it is not great in crazy weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, icy roads and snow. I feel like in such conditions the car seems to have a mind of it’s own! Lol I’ve noticed this more after driving an Audi TT and the immense grip the Audi TT has, but lets not forget the TT consists of a quattro system (four-wheel-drive system) therefore it is bound to have more grip. Nevertheless Celicas require extra care in slippery weather conditions 🙁 so be careful!

Overall this car is both Beautiful and Reliable! Oh and let’s not forget.. A total BARGAIN!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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